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Your East Rome Designs cassock, exorason, or clergy vest is made from 100% wicking polyester and is light and breathable. It will give you years of service if you provide the following care:

Machine wash cold, gentle cycle and hang to dry

(never put in the dryer)

Fold or hang up after each use

Woven vestments: Machine wash cold delicate/hand wash cycle, hang to dry (do NOT put in dryer)

Brocade vestments: dry clean only


We want you 100% happy with your East Rome Designs cassock or vest. So, simply put, if you're not happy in any way, please return your garment for a full refund. 

One caveat: While we understand you need to try on your garment to see if you are happy with the fit, we ask that you do not return garments that have been worn or hemmed as we are unable to resell those garments.


How many cassocks should I have?

For priests who are wearing their cassocks daily, we suggest 3 cassocks in their cassock "wardrobe": 2 East Rome Designs garments (one to wash and one to wear) and then a dressier custom-tailored cassock for Sunday use and special occasions. Krista offers custom-tailored cassocks in wool at For priests who only wear their cassocks on Sunday, we suggest 1 East Rome Designs cassock and 1 custom-tailored cassock. If you're on a budget, you do not need a custom-tailored cassock.

Do you offer hemming or alterations?

Because our workshop is very busy, we do not offer hemming or alterations. However, all of our ERD cassocks and priest sticharia have been designed so that a local alterations shop can easily hem your garment for minimal fee.

Do you offer quantity discounts?

We want each of our clients to have access to an affordable, quality garment, so we provide the best prices to everyone regardless of the number of garments they order.


What are your delivery options?

We ship via USPS Priority Mail or UPS Ground based upon which is most economical to your address. We do not offer Express Mail because we've found that Priority Mail ships in the same time due to the fact that we live in a smaller city.

Do East Rome Designs cassocks work under vestments?

Yes! The performance fabric is light and breathable so it's a terrific choice for wearing under vestments.

What about Deacon's vestments?

We are hoping to offer both brocade and woven deacon's vestments in 2023. Watch for the emails. 

Where are you located?

We are located in Salem, Oregon in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. When we're not fulfilling orders, you can find us skiing or hiking!

Do you provide International delivery?

We sure do! It's $45 flat rate for Priority Mail International shipping. Delivery time varies by country.

How do I track my order?

We ship orders within 1-2 business days and you'll receive an email notification with tracking number when it ships. 

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