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Quality Greek-Style
Clergy Attire
Affordable Prices


East Rome Designs offers high quality cassocks and vestments designed by master tailor, Krista West. Cassocks are made from comfortable, breathable performance fabric and vestments are made from high-quality woven and brocade fabrics imported from Greece. All garments are made to Krista's exacting specifications based upon her 30 years of tailoring experience.


Whether you need a cassock to wear under vestments, budget-friendly vestments, or affordable communion cloths, East Rome Designs fit the bill!

And, since we know you're wondering...

why is a custom tailor offering off-the-rack cassocks and vestments?

Thanks for asking! I'm Krista West and I've worked for many years as a custom tailor making cassocks and vestments for clergy throughout the world. While I love custom tailoring garments, I know it's expensive and I've long searched for a lower-priced solution that didn't sacrifice quality and fit.

My husband, Fr Alban West, had the bright idea that I develop a line of cassocks and vests by using the measurements that worked for the majority of my clients to create standardized sizes (just like you buy in any clothing store today). Standardizing the fit opened the door to larger production runs through modern supply chains (just like all your other clothes are made). When the mill that produces our very popular performance fabric offered us sewing services on bulk orders, we knew we could finally meet the need for high-quality yet very affordable cassocks and vests and we decided to launch East Rome Designs. After the success of our cassock offerings, we expanded into offering both woven and brocade vestments, again using standardized fit to keep prices low and quality high.

We're very excited about offering the same quality and workmanship that you've come to expect from our family but at a more accessible price that we hope will help continue the tradition of Greek Orthodox clerical garments. Krista will still be over at Krista West Vestments doing her custom tailoring while Fr Alban will be heading things up here at East Rome Designs, bringing his experience and knowledge of all-things-liturgical to this new venture.


Thank you for stopping by!

Fr Alban & Krista

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