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STEP 1: Measure your chest*

Measure around your chest over your clothes*

34-39 inches--select Slim

40-44 inches--select Average

45-49 inches--select Broad

STEP 2: How tall are you?

5'7 to 6'--select Regular

6'1 and 6'3"--select Tall

*What if I don't have a cloth tape measure? No problem! Wrap a piece of string around your chest, mark where it overlaps and lay the string flat against a metal tape measure from your toolbox.


But, what about the collar?

We've designed the collar with a half-inch cross-over, so the collar can be made larger or smaller by simply moving the buttons (which can be done by a local drycleaners/alterations shop).

and, what about the length?

Every cassock ships unhemmed and you simply take it to a local drycleaner/alterations shop and have them hem to your exact height. This allows you to get a perfectly customized fit at an affordable price!

I'm in between sizes, which size do I order?

If you would like the garment to have a more tailored fit, order the smaller size. If you prefer it to be more roomy, order the larger. 

I have really broad shoulders, but a chest measurement of 42"?

The Broad size shoulders are 1" wider than the Average, so choose the Broad size. Because the performance fabric is light, you can get away with wearing the larger size cassock and simply tightening the belts a bit more.

I'm a generously-sized guy and those belts aren't flattering--is there another way to wear the cassock?

Great question! You can take your cassock to an alterations shop and have them remove the tie belts and replace them with a little bit of elastic. That will snug up the back so the cassock looks right in the back, but it will allow the cassock to lay smoothly across your front.

What about the sleeves? Will they be too long or too short?

Fortunately, there's a lot of leeway with how long or short cassock sleeves can be and we took this into consideration when designing the cassocks. As long as the sleeves fit between your knuckles and your wrist, that is an acceptable fit. If you need longer sleeves, order the Tall size regardless of your height and the sleeves will be 1" longer.

How did you decide upon these sizes?

Krista reviewed the thousands of cassock measurements she's worked with over the years and divided them into three overall body types (Slim, Average, and Broad). The real challenge was the height issue--offering cassocks at every single height wasn't cost-effective, so we decided to leave them unhemmed (just like high-end mens' dress pants). This allowed us to achieve six sizes that we estimate will fit about 95% of all the client measurements Krista has seen over 25 years. 

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