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High quality, affordable sticharia (robes) from brocades imported from Greece that will provide many years of beautiful service. Sewn in the traditional Greek style with galloon neck placket, double bands of galloon (trim) at the sleeves and hem, and a 6" rayon cross on the back; robes are unlined which makes the robe more breathable and less prone to damage. Chalcedon design in gold with fine red outlining (the outlining makes the pattern more visible). The robes do not have side slits (side slits make the robe more prone to tearing and damage).


Subdeacons: Orarion is sold separately so you can mix and match orarion colors with a single robe (white/gold robe with purple orarion, white/gold robe with green orarion, etc.)


Deacons: Orarion and cuffs sold separately so you can mix and match. If you would like a button at the shoulder of the robe, we suggest purchasing our Spare Button pack. 


Sizing (CB=Center Back--this is the length of the back of the robe):


Boy Small (CB 40") fits ages 6-8

Boy Medium (CB 46") fits ages 8-10

Boy Large (CB 51") fits ages 10-12

Boy X-Large (CB 54") fits ages 10-14



Average Regular--fits chest of 38-44", waist of 30-38", height of 5'9-6' (CB60")

Average Tall--fits chest of 38-44", waist of 30-38", height of 6'-6'2" (CB62")

Broad Regular--fits chest of 45-49", waist of 36-42", height of 5'9-6' (CB60")

(please note: due to limited brocade availability, we are not offering the Broad Tall size in Corinth white/gold)


If your size is out of stock, please click on the "notify me when back in stock" button and you will receive an email notification as soon as we restock. 

Sticharion Corinth white-gold (for altar servers, subdeacons and deacons)

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